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Haptics & SpeechRec

Smart Feedback

Technology Haptics & Speech Rec
Year 2022
Customer Leonardo Spa
Project Inspiration

Project Inspiration

As part of Elis' Open Italy '22 program, Betadynamiq collaborated with Leonardo to enhance the effectiveness of its flight simulation product through the development of software that connected to a wearable, i.e., an armband that will be placed on the pilot's wrist, is able to enable a number of additional features.

Haptic Feedback

To have modulable haptic feedback following the completion of the action on the Smart Chair (Leonardo's VR Flight Simulator)

Voice Commands

To verbally control the Smart Chair and reduce distraction and downtime otherwise dedicated to command search.

Checklist Recognition

To listen to the pilot during the voice execution of the flight checklist and make a comparison with the action performed. Useful for session monitoring and control activities.

Smart Feedback & Control for Smart Chair Simulator is a Betadynamiq's device born from a co-innovation project with Leonardo Spa.

A Proof Of Concept has already been developed to demonstrate the feasibility and, as shown in the demo video, consists of a box made by Rapid Prototyping FDM process that contains the processor, bluetooth antenna, charging and control system, and battery; No. 2 adjustable wristbands containing 4 vibrators for haptic feedback and connected to the box via cables; a Dashboard, installed in the terminal of the Smart Chair, for monitoring the connection to the device and activating the features.

Betadynamiq was awarded as the most innovative startup in Open Italy 2022 program.